Crystal Highlands is a neighborhood that overlooks Crystal Lake in Benzie County, Michigan.  “The Highlands” is located on the north shore between Beulah and Frankfort and is comprised of approximately 40 homes as well as some vacant lots.

The development began in the 1970s, and eventually the community assets were turned over to the Crystal Highlands Owners Association (CHOA). This association maintains recreation facilities that include three beaches, boating facilities, a tennis court, picnic and playground area, and a network of walking trails for the enjoyment of its members. In addition, CHOA encourages a sense of community through social activities and civic endeavors.

“Highlanders” are a mix of full-time and part-time residents, as well as lot owners, who share a great appreciation for the natural beauty of Benzie County and its environment. Neighbors enjoy meeting on the trails and serendipitous gatherings at the beach, as well as planned picnics and other events.

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