dues1Dues Policy

Annual dues in the amount of $375.00 for each lot in the Crystal Highlands are payable beginning on January 1 of each year. Checks should be made out to “Crystal Highlands Owners’ Association” and sent to the Treasurer.

Dues become delinquent on April 1, and a 5% penalty per month is added to any outstanding balance beginning May 1.

Annual dues for Associate Members are $187.50, Preserve lots $93.75.

Annual Land Assessment payments of $250.00 are payable on April 1 or Oct 1 per owner choice for a period through calendar year 2023. Full payoff may be made at any time by requesting the payoff amount from the Treasurer.

If any payment remains unpaid 6 months after the date it is due, a formal lien will be filed against the delinquent property with the Benzie County Registrar of Deeds. The cost of writing and removing the lien is added to the outstanding balance.