dues1Dues Policy

Annual CHOA dues, currently in the amount of $375.00, for each lot in the Crystal Highlands are payable beginning July 1st of each year. Checks should be made out to “Crystal Highlands Owners’ Association” and sent to the Treasurer.

Dues become delinquent on October 1st, and a 5% penalty per month is added to any outstanding balance beginning November 1st.

Annual dues for Associate Members are $187.50, Preserve lots $93.75.

Annual Land Assessment payments of $250.00 are payable on April 1 or Oct 1 per owner choice for a period through calendar year 2023. Full payoff may be made at any time by requesting the payoff amount from the Treasurer.

If any payment remains unpaid 6 months after the date it is due, a formal lien will be filed against the delinquent property with the Benzie County Registrar of Deeds. The cost of writing and removing the lien is added to the outstanding balance.