glass-of-waterResidential Water

Crystal Highlands residents living on Orchard Lane, Deer Ridge Trail and most of Highland Drive have their own individual water wells. Residents on Spring Valley Road, White Birch Trail, and the east end of Highland Drive are part of the Crystal Highlands Water Association that provides those households with their water from a common well system that is maintained to high standards by the Water Board. All users of the water system are members of the Water Association and pay an annual fee to support the system.

Water Board

The Water Board consists of the directors of the Water Association that meets yearly in July, following the Annual Meeting of the Crystal Highlands Owners’ Association (CHOA). All members of the CHOA are welcome to attend. Additional meetings may be scheduled throughout the year as needed. Please direct any questions or concerns relative to billing, water quality, or flushing of the well to the chair of the water board as listed under contacts in the member area.

Water Association History

The Crystal Highlands Water Association was registered as a Michigan non-profit corporation on October 31, 2001. The corporation was organized for the purpose of transferring the water system owned by the original developers the Highlands, Crystal Highlands Orchards, Inc, to the users of the system. On November 14, 2001, the members were advised of the terms of the takeover of the water system. As a result of the purchase, all of the Water System facilities, bank accounts, and cash reserves were transferred to the Crystal Highlands Water Association. Members were asked to vote for the initial Directors of the Water Association. Five people were elected as the first Board of Directors. They were Donald Pyne, Walt Coponen, Jim Hanley, Stan Nunn and Jim Kelly. The Board subsequently added Howard Shaw as a sixth Director. The current directors of the water association are listed in the member area of the website.