The Crystal Highlands Owners Association (CHOA) was formed to oversee the real property interests of Crystal Highlands and to promote social and recreational activities that enhance the welfare of the group.

Membership in the association is required for lot owners whose lots fall within the boundary of Crystal Highlands. Article IV Section 1 of the by-laws reference specific lot sections that are included. Residents of areas adjoining Crystal Highlands have an opportunity to become “Associate Members” to participate in the group activities and to gain access to the recreation area and the trails. Details about costs are under dues.

The members of CHOA elect a Board of Directors that meets throughout the year to direct the activities of committees and volunteers, all of whom are working together to enhance life in the Highlands. The association holds an annual meeting on the weekend closest to July 4th each year where common property improvements and financial updates are provided and new focus areas and concerns are reviewed and discussed. The board also communicates with members via email and newsletter.