Located on Crystal Lake at the end of Highland Drive, this fenced-in area consists of about 60 feet of beachfront, a dock, and three racks for kayaks and canoes. Although mostly used for boating, this property also provides another area for swimming.

Policies and Rules


• Swimmers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their children. NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY.

Appropriate use

• Use of this beach is limited to recreational activities such as picnicking, swimming, sailing and canoeing.

• All garbage and refuse must be removed from the beach and taken home for disposal.

• Parties and social functions must terminate by 11:00 PM, and there shall be no overnight stays on this lakeshore.

• No ground fires on the beach.

• Pets are allowed on the Highland Drive Beach. Residents with pets are asked to supervise and clean up after their pets.


• No boats may be moored or hoisted or otherwise stored in the water.

• Any on-shore devices must be approved by CHOA property manager.

• All boats kept on the lakeshore must meet current Michigan watercraft registration requirements if applicable. The Association without notice and at the owner’s expense may remove boats failing to meet this standard.

• Boats under power or sail are only permitted to “touch and go” at the far end of the Highland dock for the purpose of unloading passengers and supplies only. Boaters are responsible for observing and avoiding swimmers.

• “Touch-and- go” boats are limited to no-wake speed and must disengage or turn off the engine when they are within coasting distance of the dock. For the safety and enjoyment of all Highlanders and to honor agreements with our neighbors, the board has adopted the following policies and rules. Please share them with your guests.


• Please park across Crystal Drive at the foot of Highland Drive.