The main beach on Crystal Lake is at the end of Spring Valley Road. This beautiful sandy private beach consists of about 140 feet of beachfront that includes two docks, a deck, volleyball court, swim raft, port-a- potty, and a shed that houses various water toys and sports equipment. There is also a pavilion that was built and dedicated in 2003 in memory of former resident Jim Hanley.

For the safety and enjoyment of all Highlanders and to honor legal agreements with our neighbors, the board has adopted the following policies and rules. Please share them with your guests.

CHOA Spring Valley Beach Policies, Rules, and Legal Restrictions


                        CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED!

  • No more than forty (40) people may use the lakeshore at any one time.
  • Usage of the lakeshore is limited to recreational activities such as swimming, picnicking, sailing and canoeing (NOTE: Special events such as meeting, weddings, reunions, etc. need prior approval from the CHOA Board of Directors (Special Usage Form is shown below)

Special Use Application.

Download Beach Use Request Form

  • No power boats may be launched across the lakeshore
  • No boats other than the CHOA safety boat shall be left on the lakeshore overnight or moored off the lakeshore.
  • No boat hoists or boat storage devices shall be maintained on the lakeshore property, adjacent to the CHOA dock or free-standing in the water off the lakeshore.
  • No pickup or drop-off from a non-motorized boat over 16’ or any size power boat.
  • Do not take floating devices and small yellow kayaks past the raft.
  • No pets allowed on the beach or lakeshore
  • No more than 8 cars may be parked at the lakeshore at any one time.
  • Only one car per family may use the lakeshore parking areas.
  • Houseguests’ cars must be parked on Spring Valley Road cul-de-sac.
  • Short term renters (less than 6 months) must be accompanied by a member.
  • Parties and social functions must terminate by 11:00 PM and there shall be no overnight stays on the lakeshore.
  • All recreational equipment not in use must be stored in the shed. Put back what you remove from the shed.
  • All garbage and refuse must be removed from the beach and taken home for disposal.
  • No ground fires on the beach.
  • No fireworks allowed on the beach or on the raft.

Violations will result in restricted use of this property as determined by the CHOA Board.

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